Elena, 26.03.2012

If you are looking for a place that combines natural beauty and tranquility for the ideal holiday, an endless supply of rich history and culture for the spirit, favorable ecological environment, easy access to neighboring regions and attractive investment opportunities – then it is Greece you are looking for. And if you will be staying in Greece for more than the few weeks of your standard holiday, it is Isabelle you should contact.
Personal experience shows that, positives aside, you will come up against Greece’s own complexities and peculiarities. You cannot do without a reliable expert. I spent several months negotiating and corresponding with the local real estate agency in vain. At that point, I fell into despair. Would my problem turn out to be one more unsolvable riddle of the Sphinx? My only option seemed to be to turn a blind eye to being sold a property that didn’t match the technical documentation and accept vague answers to questions any sane person would ask. That, or give up the idea of buying property in Greece.
Luckily, a friend recommended Isabelle. Her first letter and phone call restored my optimism and hope and I realized nothing was impossible. Isabelle immediately started working on the problem, took into account my budget and wishes and in a few hours she came up with interesting options. What followed was quick and clear: well-planned visits to properties, meetings with sellers, negotiations on terms and price, fixing intentions. She followed up by explaining to me the small print in the sale documents. At this stage, Isabelle’s expertise and being on the buyer’s side – my side – was key to closing the deal successfully. I must confess I am a difficult client, always asking questions, always going into detail, never trusting anything not in black and white. Isabelle heroically endured all my endless inquiries, requests for clarification, wishes, nagging and so on. At the right moment, she recommended good professionals, whom I will definitely be using in future.
In conclusion, I would like to vouch for Isabelle as a reliable partner and trustworthy professional. I am grateful to her for giving my family the opportunity to own a summer house by the sea which can be visited throughout the year in order to relax in the shade of olive trees, far from the man-made abominations of the – nonetheless dear – capital.
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