Lioudmila and Alexander, 15.11.2012

My husband and I fell in love with Crete long time ago. At the first time, we went to Agios Nikolaos following the advice of a travel agent we knew quite well who had been in Crete already five times. I thought: "It happens". I don't like to go always to the same places as I prefer to visit new ones. But Crete ... Perhaps, in a past life I lived there: walking through the olive groves, listening to the sound of sheep bells, eating seafood and wearing beautiful jewelry. We returned to Crete almost every year until the inevitable happened: "Why don't we buy a house in Crete?" - I asked my husband. And I was very surprised to get his answer "Yes, indeed!"
I liked Isabelle immediately - in the photo. Then, we met at the exhibition, and there came the trust that is essential for a strong relationship with the people that are trusted for many things - such as doctors, lawyers... From the very beginning, it was simple for us to communicate with Isabelle - not only because she speaks good Russian (we often switch from Russian to English and vice versa), but because one can see a professional immediately in her.
First, due to the high quality of the information she gave us. As a lawyer, Isabelle verifies the information she gives to the client, and I don't remember she every gave us an inaccurate information. Second, she works in collaboration with specialists, such as other lawyers, bankers, tax consultants, notaries, property developers, without the assistance of which the acquisition of real estate in Greece and other places is either impossible or inefficient. I thank Isabelle for organizing all this network quickly, efficiently, and if there were any efforts or inconsistencies, we - as clients - did not feel a thing. Third, Isabelle accompanied us in all purchase stages and, especially at the first stage, she helped us to formulate our wishes. This was perhaps one of the most difficult tasks - we wanted the piece of land, the foundation of an old dilapidated house, the house in a well-kept garden, the house on a hill overlooking the sea. Isabelle patiently took us by the hand, asking questions, indicating the risks and benefits of different options, and we never felt impatience or annoyance from her part.
I am very impressed with Isabelle's style: on one hand, it is a strict legal approach (no nonsense), and on the other - a warm and friendly attitude, willingness to help, and available at any time.
Together with Isabelle, we visited all proposed options (by the way, they were presented to us within approximately two weeks after our first meeting), and this trip was organized very efficiently. From the first time, we found what we fell in love with.
And then - the negotiations with the sellers, the inevitable, perhaps, periods of reflection and hesitation, prior to concluding a deal. We always felt that Isabelle was giving us a full, fair and timely information, without putting the pressure when at the last moment before buying we were still questioning ourselves. She waited patiently for us to make our final decision. And finally, at the very last stage, Isabelle was again with us, and I felt a respected and valued client. At the bank, at the notary public and at the time of signing the contract, Isabelle was there protecting our interests, next to us.
From the very beginning, when we conceived the idea to buy a home in Crete, we decided that without an agent and local lawyers we will do nothing. This is probably one of the smartest decisions we ever made. The cost of the failure is too great, and we saved time, nerves and money, because we believe that we would have paid more correcting mistakes, if we had embarked in this journey by ourselves.
And what is very important is that we saw in Isabelle and her agency the professionals who look to the long term, and do not try to sell more expensive in order to get a high commission.
Arriving at our house on the hill and going out to the balcony in the morning, I see a huge boundless sea, and I am glad that we once followed the advice to go to Crete. After all, without that first trip, there would be no continuation. Now I can say "έχουμε το όμορφο σπίτι στην Κρίτι κοντά θάλασσα". Yes, we started to learn Greek !
I wish to those who have decided to buy a pleasant shopping experience. Trust the professionals!
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