Maxim Mikchaylichenko, 27.12.2011

I recommend everyone, who has already decided or has started considering the purchase of his own house in Greece, the company I.R.M. Aegean Estate and personally Isabelle Razi as a professional who has the gift of understanding the customer's needs and ability to offer the best possible options.
We addressed to Isabelle on the recommendation of a good friend and thanks to her we could successfully overcome the way of theoretical reflections on the house in Greece to a practical embodiment of an old dream.
The selection of properties for viewing has been executed so that within 2 days all possible options, corresponding to our expectations, were presented to us.
The visiting process was perfectly organized, we enjoyed the whole preparative work and had a very nice time.
After the choice of the house, Isabelle played a very important role in achieving more favourable terms of purchase as well as in organizing comfortably the process of the transaction registration and contract closing.
As a result of the cooperation with Isabelle we have got not only a fine house but also an excellent friend with whom we have been communicating since the transaction was completed.
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