Roman, 18.01.2009

I would like to congratulate Isabelle for the whole acquisition process of my flat in Greece.
It took less than 3 months from the decision taking moment till the keys’ delivery. It was really how I thought it should be.
Most particularly, I would like to note the moment when the final choice had to be made. It is one of the most important part of the whole process and it was fulfilled with high quality.
The next steps – legal formalities, grant of credit and purchase support - were also very well organized and controlled, in a quite simple and understandable way.
Variants through internet only give a general presentation about pricing ranges and properties. In reality it might differ essentially from what has been presented and described, especially when taking into consideration the surrounding area, the transport, the region etc…
From the whole range of properties, more than 10 where chosen and visits were organized accordingly. In 3 days, we did not have to wait for one minute nor to change our schedule at all.
I recommend!
Like I already said the whole legal process of property transfer takes maximum 2 days and may be fully prepared in advance from Russia.
Should you have any question, I can answer
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