Vadim, 26.01.2010

I liked immediately the island of Crete. The first time I went there it was in 2007. We arrived to Chania port on a boat with some friends and spent in Crete four wonderful days. During our stay we traveled nearly the entire coast by car, enjoying stunning views of mountains and sea. And now I have to stop describing the island, as this is absolutely not the theme of this note! But I just recommend it also as a place to visit in any case.
That was when the the idea of buying a home in Crete came into my mind for the first time. Everything seemed to be there: the mild climate, a wide range of proposals, reasonable prices, friendly people ...
But the idea really came back to my mind seriously only two years later in 2009. This is when, browsing in the internet, I found a real estate agency with proposals in Crete. And this is when luck stroke my door. I met Isabelle. I always been somewhat biased and not with the best feelings towards the attitude of realtors. This was apparently based on my previous experiences with realtors. With Isabelle everything turned out very easy and simple. I immediately realized that I was dealing with a true professional. First of all, everything was presented to me under a systematic approach. From a chaotic list of offers in the internet, the proposals came in the right order, based on my wishes.
Then everything was simple. When we went with Isabelle in Crete we followed the daily program she had set and as a result of which I received comprehensive information and I was able to make my mind of what I really wanted. Yes, do not be surprised, only by following the program, I begun to really form my sense of taste, if so to speak. And I think that here I have to give most of the credit to Isabelle who, as an experienced professional, gave me good advices. And obviously, her advices did not come for nothing.
Finally, as a matter of fact and completely by chance, I did not choose a house in Crete but in the mainland. Isabelle was there and helped me to take the final decision. Her score was decisive.
It would be "unfair" to talk about Isabelle, as only a professional realtor. Isabelle is also a charming woman, pleasant to talk and with a lot of potential. I hope that our friendly relation will last.
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