Question 1

How easy is it to buy a property in Greece? How long does it take?

Buying a property in Greece is very easy as long as you are well advised.

It takes approximately one month from property selection to property acquisition.

Question 2

What are the steps to buy a property in Greece?


You should send us a detailed request on the property (link to request) you are looking for and the purpose of your purchase. We have multiple options depending on the use. Summer homes, Winter homes, special properties for the Golden Visa Program.


Visit Greece, to view property with us, and choose the perfect one for you.


Paper work and formalities – we will help you with this with our lawyer, notary and engineer. Zero worry for you.

Question 3

What documents do I need to submit?

· A copy of your passport

· Proof of residence (utility bill)

· Fiscal residency certificate

· Proof of Income (from employer or other)

· If you and your family members are candidates for the Golden Visa, we need a certificate of wedding and/or birth and/or other document issued by the authorities of your country of origin certifying the family relation.

Question 4

What are the expenses related with the purchase of a property in Greece?

Property Transfer Tax: All properties have to pay 3% government transaction tax. If you are the first buyer of a property build after 1/1/2016, VAT applies (24%) .

Legal fees, Notary fees, Engineer fees, Agency fees, and service fees range about 6%-7% in total.

We will provide you a detailed cost analysis before you commit to the purchase.

Question 5

What are my obligations as an owner?

All real estate owners must file an annual tax report and pay a yearly property tax calculated on the fiscal value of the property. The annual tax property for a standard 3 bedrooms flat in Athens is approximately €500.

Apartment buildings, town houses, and maisonettes, have common areas expenses that cover monthly service fees, and maintenance.

Our agency can provide you with a Property Management Agreement that will take care of all your obligations, so you enjoy a worry-free ownership.

Question 6

Who else can receive the Golden Visa except from the owner?

The husband/spouse (marriage certificate needed)

Children up to the age of 21 (the owner’s and the spouse’s)

The owner’s parents

The spouse’s parents

Family members' residency permit follows the status of the sponsor’s permit when renewing or expiring.

Question 7

How long does it take to receive the Golden Visa?

Within approximately 2 weeks after the property purchase, you are granted a certificate which allows you to live permanently in Greece and travel with no limitation in other EU countries in the Schengen Area (through Greece).

Final Golden Visa is issued within 2-5 months after the purchase of the property.

Same applies to all family members applying for the Golden Visa.

Question 8

What is the time validity of the Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is valid indefinitely (renewed every 5 years,) with only restriction to maintain property ownership status.

Children who reach their 21st year are granted with a supplementary 3 years’ renewal.

Question 9

Is the residence permit a first step to citizenship?

Yes. After 5 years of a valid residence permit (no need to reside in Greece,) you may apply for Greek citizenship and European Passport given some conditions are met (speak the Greek language, and pass a special interview.) Law No 4332/2015.

Question 10

Are holders of the Golden Visa entitled to rent their property?

Yes, the property purchased can be freely rented.

Question 11

Are the holders of the Golden Visa obliged to live in Greece?

No. The Golden Visa grants you a right to live n Greece for as long as you want and travel in EU countries of the Schengen Area. If you don’t exercise your right you don’t loose it.

Question 12

What are the other rights and restrictions attached to the holders’ of the Golden Visa.

The residence permits do not grant a right to employment of any type since the Golden Visa is a permit of residence and not a permit of work.

The holders of the Golden Visa have the right to access to public health and public education (same as Greek nationals).

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